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LogPoint 5.2. - SIEM. But different.

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Vulnerability Management - Protecting Your Perimeter

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Protecting your business from internal and external threats.

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Welcome to immunesecurity!

Providing your enterprise with tools to recognize behavioral patterns and combat malicious attacks - before they occur.

Download LogPoint 5.2.

Download a free 30-day trial of LogPoint version 5.2. and uncover the advantages for your enterprise!

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Request Trial Scan

Get a free trial scan and discover the vulnerabilities in your internal and external network.


Vulnerability Management

Identify security flaws in your network and obtain an important overview of what an attacker could achieve by attacking your high-value assets.


SIEM - LogPoint

Enable effective management of your enterprise's security, fulfill compliance requirements, and optimize the potential of your business.



Ensure correct implementation in your organization or let out Trusted Partners manage your security solution to the extend you need.


Logpoint Version 5.2.

ImmuneSecurity offers an advanced SIEM solution, LogPoint, which enables effective management and measurements of enterprise security and assists businesses in fulfilling compliance regulation, optimizing enterprise potential and protecting valuable assets.
LogPoint can be leveraged to the diverse infrastructures of any organization. Further, the technology has the ability to handle the mass of Big Data and through customizable dashboards and reports, fraudulent activity is discovered and can be dealt with before the damage is done.

By implementing LogPoint in your organization, you gain a transparent view into business events, and should the need arise you are ensured that compliance requirements are dealt with easily though a complete set of compliance reporting elements.